Chris Holaday

Carrollton, TX

…Movie:Chariots of Fire
…Book:Lord of the Rings trilogy
…Beer: There are just so many good ones out there!

How I got into Triathlons

Best Race…So Far!
B2B Half Iron 2009. With cramps and calorie debt bonking during the run I’d never been more miserable but I’ve never felt better than when I crossed the finish line!

Best Tri Experience
Races venues I really like include Lake Logan, Woodlake and Lake Kristi. I also like racing in the Wilmington area because 1) I like the swims and 2) I can’t climb hills on my bike. UNC Wellness is fun because it’s close by, super short and it’s a great atmosphere.

Craziest Race Moment
Saw karma take care of an obnoxious guy who illegally squeezed past me on a no-passing bridge. He wiped out right in front of me 50 yards later when he took a turn too fast. Of course I’ll also never forget the time I was pedaling as hard as I could and I looked over and this guy was passing me, sitting upright with no hands on the bars and drinking water!

* Half Iron sub-6 hours
* Lake Logan Inter.sub 2:30
* Finally place in my group at Wilmington YMCA (I keep getting fifth!)