Joe Voshell

Felton, DE

…food is Italian; think about it a lot when training!
…movie: Groundhog Day-watch it every Feb.
….team: Ole Roy and UNC basketball
…hobby: Gardening a little and wasting every July watching the Tour de France!

How I got into Triathlons
A friend was doing the Triangle Triathlon so I went to support him. Loved the logistics! So I tried one, didn’t die so here I am.
Also, trying to get into shape by just running just beat up my body…so triathlons were the ultimate cross training!

Best Race…So Far!
2010 36N Tri: First time I ever placed in my Age Group. Stunned when I actually placed 2nd. Placed in my AG 3x in 2010 and a few in 2011 (smaller races!) but never won it. (Update: won my AG in a 2012 Duathlon…NOT swimming is the key!)

Best Tri Experience
Lake Logan 2010: great venue in mountains, my first International Distance, our club members stayed in Waynesville for the weekend. My daughter also came with us and we got to experience the squirrels dropping millions of acorns on our tin roof!

Craziest Race Moment
First tri was in a rough ocean. I watched a woman in the wave ahead of me dive in and the surf was so violent, it just threw her back on the beach.  Our novice wave saw our lives pass before our eyes.

* 2012: Half Iron distance at B2B
* Qualify for nationals in my age group in 2013
* Win my AG before I’m in the 80-84 AG
* Iron Man SOME Day
* Qualify and Run Boston someday