Justin Gorsage

Niskayuna, NY

My Favorite…
…All Time Movie: Back to the Future
…Current Movie Favorite: Inception
…BBQ: The Q-Shack,
…Beer: Anything from Foothills or Abita
…Music to run/ride to: Any of the “In Search of Sunrise” mixes by Tiesto,
…Off season activity: Skiing

How I Got into Triathlons
After college, I managed a bike and ski store for 3 years. I wasn’t really interested in straight up cycling races and was intrigued by the transitions and the strategy therein. After my first one, I was hooked.

My Best Race…So Far!
My best race so far: would probably have to be my first one, it was the most memorable one because it was all so new.

Best Tri Experience
Getting my fiance to do Swim for Smiles in 2009. The look on her face when she finished was well worth it.

Craziest Race Moment
Cary Duathon two years ago. I was really pushing to finish with a strong run. About a mile to go there was a drink stop and they were handing out water and sports drink “x” (don’t want to offend a possible sponsor). I had never tried this drink before, but I didn’t care. I needed a drink. Grabbed a cup…down in one gulp. “Oh, my gosh, what was that?” …The finish photo crossing the line is me totally evacuating the drink in a frothy geyser with everyone standing there clapping and smiling.

2 half marathons, a duathlon and thirteen triathlons for 2011…still thinking about 2012