Kari Wilkinson

Hometown: West Orange, NJ

My Favorite…
…activity: Sunday afternoon nap after a long run

How I got into Triathlons
I started teaching spin classes in 1996, met some people who rode and did triathlons, I bought a road bike from my friend Melissa and before I knew it we did 10 races in a year.

Best Race…so far!
Wilmington 2008 or White Lake International 2010
Best Tri Experience
Wilmington 2008 or White Lake International 2010…because I was REALLY fast and wasn’t expecting it!

Craziest Tri Moment
My shampoo bottle evidently leaked in my suitcase and got onto my shorts the night before Bandits Challenge one year – as the run progressed so did the lathering up effect on my shorts.


  • Qualify for Nationals and actually go.
  • Do an Ironman in the next few years