Kim Donaldson

Youngstown, Ohio

My Favorite…
…Movie: Valley Girl.
…Favorite Scene from a …Movie: Pee Wee Herman dancing to “Tequila” in a gay biker bar in the movie Big Adventure.
…Song: “Melt with You” by Modern English
… Activity (that we can talk about?)- Running, of course!

How I Got into Triathlons
When I first moved into my house in St. Petersburg, Fl there was a huge crowd at the waterfront, 2 blocks away. I walked down to the water to see what was going on. I got to see my very first first St. Anthony’s Triathlon that day. I watched 81 year old Jim Ward finish running 10 km in 90 degree weather after having swam 1.5 km and ridden 40 km. He totally inspired me.

Best Race…So Far!
Great Floridian Iron Distance race 2002 2nd female overall – I know, I know, this is ancient history!
Best Race Experience: Breaking 3 hours and winning cash at the 2004 Boston Marathon.

Best Tri Experience
Sand and Stone Off-Road Triathlon 2002 Naples, Florida A totally gnarly mtb course, 3 swims, you had to jump off a cliff into the lake at one point. The very best part of the race though, was the mud pit that everyone had to pull themselves through. That is where the largest crowd of spectators was hanging out. We all had mud coming out of odd places for about a week after that!

Craziest Race Moment
Ironman Lake Placid 2001. I ran out of transition without my race number. Not wanting to be DQ’d, I turned around and ran back in only to find a huge pile of transition bags where mine had been thrown after I left the tent. I took me 10 minutes to find mine. I missed qualifying for Kona by 4 minutes!

* To not panic during the swim!