Lori DeMauro

Lori DeMauro

Mebane, NC

My Favorite…
….snack is hummus, crackers and beer
…race venues are Lake Logan and Lake Lure, both so beautiful
…places to shop are Athleta and Title Nine

How I Got into Triathlons
I got into triathlon after being severely injured in both feet while long distance running. Fellow MCM club member Susie Gilbert was in my running club and she had once mentioned that she did triathlons. I emailed her and started asking questions. I did my first race in 2006 the week before my first of many surgeries and gave Susie a hug at the mount/dismount line! Triathlon gave me an opportunity to challenge myself without the impact of so much running. Learning to swim was tough but was a much needed blessing as this is how I stayed fit while recovering after surgeries. I also love the social aspect of triathlon. I have made so many friends and I am forever hooked on multisport!

My Best Race…So Far!
Wilmington YMCA in 2009, this was the first time I ran through the whole run without having to walk and I was really proud of that.

Best Tri Experience
Best Tri Experience was Lake Logan 2010….I was coming back from another injury after a year off and was so happy to be there. It was a great day!

Craziest Race Moment
Once during a winter tri, I couldn’t find my watch in transition. While on my bike, I heard the alarm beep and I was so confused as to where it was. Then I laughed as I figured it out. The watch was inside my skull cap under my helmet and I rode with it on my head the whole time!

* Several sprints and a few aquathlons
* B2B Half Aquabike